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Antaloor with its three continent

Antaloor, is the world that the Two Worlds universe takes place on. It is composed of three continents. Two Worlds takes place on the west continent and Two Worlds II on the middle continent and surrounding islands.

Pirates of the Flying Fortress takes place on the Ublaryak Peninsula. It is unknown where it is located in relation to the rest of Antaloor.

Call of the Tenebrae takes place on an unnamed archipelago, and again, its location in relation to the rest of Antaloor is unknown.

Two Worlds[edit | edit source]

The west continent can be divided into a number of regions, other than the north and south, which are separated by the River Gon. The north, though, is much more hospitable than the south, due to the Human kingdom being almost completely situated there.

Map of the west continent

In the north, the heavily forested, mountainous province of Thalmont can be found. The city of Tharbakin, which serves as the seat of government for the region, is centrally located, with roads leading to every major settlement.

Surrounding Thalmont are a number of smaller villages. To the west lie the villages of Rovant and Gorelin, to the northwest lies Covengor (mistakenly named Covenant on the map), and to the north lies Komorin.

To the far north is the Dwarven city of Yamalin, which is inacessable to all humans, and protected by the Yarrut Inner Gate. To the northeast is the Deladkull Glacier. In the middle of northern Antaloor is Darothan, a forested region devoid of any settlements. To the south-west is the Westenwald. This lightly forested region, complete with beautiful meadows, and a sandy coast. Unfortunately, the Westenwald is also more dangerous than Thalmont. The Westenwald is home to the two cities of Qudinar, and Cathalon, capital of the region that it is named after. It also houses the villages of Windbreak, Four Stones and Clovelly.

South of the River Gon is the slightly hospitable, but mostly desolate, Garnowald. To the north-west is the bamboo forest surrounding Ashos, an important trade port in Antaloor. To the southeast is the Dead Forest, a burned out area home to none but monsters. To the east is the Drak`ar Desert. This desert is home to the two small settlements of Xanthos and Kahar, the only friendly areas in the dangerous desert. To the very north is the Ostenwald, home to the burned down, ancient, desolate city of Oswaroth. Due to poisonous mist surrounding the city though, only tainted creatures, undead, Demons and Stone Dragons can be found there. Recent maps of Antaloor do not show Oswaroth on the map, with only a blank spot in it's space.

Two Worlds 2[edit | edit source]

Central Antaloor is home to the middle continent Elkronas, the island of Alsorna to the northeast, the islands of Eollas and Erimos to the south, and various unnamed islands and islets both near the larger landmasses and in the open ocean.

Map of the middle continent and islands

Pirates of the Flying Fortress[edit | edit source]

The Ublaryak Peninsula consists of the major islands Tarnor, Sauwok, Angilak's Hump, and Kanger, with numerous unnamed islands, islets, and coves scattered about.

Map of the Ublaryak Peninsula