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Two Worlds II - Emperor Gandohar artwork.png
Two Worlds II Emperor Gandohar promotional artwork.
Character's information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Occupation Emperor
Title Emperor of Antaloor
Status (Presumed) Deceased
Background information
Earliest appearance Two Worlds (2007)
Most recent appearance Two Worlds II: Castle Defense 2011
Voice actors
Actor Media
David Michael Williamson Two Worlds
John Palmieri Two Worlds II
This page is about Gandohar as a character. For Gandohar as a quest giver in Two Worlds, see Two Worlds:Gandohar.

Gandohar (formerly Emperor Gandohar) was a powerful dark wizard who seized control of the Kingdom of Cathalon and nearly drove the Orcs to extinction at the Battle of Oswaroh.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

At the Veneficus University of New Ashos, several students of magic tell of a young Mage who attended many years ago.[n 1] He was only in his second year at the time, but he already possessed a level of magical talent that rivaled even experienced Masters of Magic. There was a big snag though: this unusual pupil was dangerously fascinated with dark magic. Searching for more and more power, he became engrossed in the fringe areas of dark magic and attempted reckless experiments with a mysterious element called Verita. One of these experiments went terribly wrong, and the fragile balance between the elements was destroyed. In the formerly green and fertile land we know now as the Swallows, the Verita wreaked havoc, turning the landscape into a blackened and decayed hell on earth. It took the combined efforts of the Veneficus Master Mages to stop the Verita contagion from spreading, which they achieved by erecting a magical barrier around the Swallows.[1]

This student was a young Gandohar. His experiments with Verita also destroyed a small city and the former University, located on the Eastern part of Eollas.[2]

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Gandohar discovers that the “Builders” of Antaloor had mastered the seven spheres of the magic realm, commanding the full power of each element – water, wind, fire, and earth. They were a peaceful race of all-powerful beings that sought to better the world around them. Gandohar discovered that, after creating the world of Antaloor, an insurrection occurred and a great civil war ensued, ending with the near-complete extinction of the “Builder’s” entire civilization and the near destruction of Antaloor herself (such a huge strain is put on the elements that the world almost tears itself apart). The scattered few that remained became known as the Orphans. Four of these survivors made a pact to repair the damage that their people had so carelessly caused. They sacrificed their freedom, pledging eternal commitment to governance of the four elements, becoming the four elemental gods of Antaloor. After deciphering the Orphan’s ancient texts, Gandohar discovers the ancient magic of Edency, providing the knowledge to control the elements. With the death of Aziraal, the god of fire, the elemental balance has been disturbed, opening a gateway for a fifth element, the Taint, to emerge. Seeing his opportunity to seize power over this ungoverned element and take his place among the three remaining gods, Gandohar sets out on his quest.[3]

Devilish Plans[edit | edit source]

Gandohar begins to make a name for himself in the year 339, he begins by uniting the Orcs under a prophecy in the year 340.[4][5] In the year 345, Gandohar captures Kira, the sister of the Hero. After many months[n 2], a letter is sent to the Hero who meets up with Gandohar outside of the small village of Komorin. He appears to be acting on behalf of a mysterious, underground society responsible for kidnapping Kira. Gandohar sends the Hero on a quest to gather all of the fragments of a Relic, which he intends to use to free the God of Fire, Aziraal. He gains the Hero's trust by gaining Kira's trust, who vouches for him to her brother. At the same time, he plays the part of an ally to the Hero. Gandohar successfully kept up the charade until it was finally revealed that he was the ringleader of the underground society and responsible for the kidnapping.

Reist Tungard, who posed as the ringleader of Gandohar's dark brotherhood, transforms into a horrific, demonic entity. When the Relic is destroyed and the Grand Pentagram is created, Reist and Gandohar head to Oswaroh where Reist serves as a guard to the Star of Oswaroh. The Hero decides to side with Gandohar, who later betrays him yet again.

Becoming Emperor[edit | edit source]

Emperor Gandohar installs himself in Oswaroh after imprisoning Aziraal in Kira's body. It's unclear exactly what became of the Kingdom of Cathalon and its former ruler, King Emrys. The Orcs, unhappy with their betrayal and imprisonment of their God begin their assault at Oswaroh. An elite strike force led by legendary general Rogdor enter the castle and attempt to kill Emperor Gandohar, but are unsuccessful.[6] Emperor Gandohar's top general and leader of the Myrmidae[7], Sordahon is sent to decimate the lead Orc camp and cut off all reinforcements. He's ordered to not leave a single Orc standing. Sordahon is successful and all of the Orcs are killed.[8] Following the Battle of Oswaroh, the Orc race is brought to the brink of extinction. To sustain Aziraal in Kira's body, Emperor Gandohar needs to sustain her body by transferring the life force of another into her. To do so requires the use of ancient artifacts known as Maliel's Thrones. He begins to search the Drak'ar Desert and finds the first in the catacombs of a temple.[9][10] One of Emperor Gandohar's search parties discovers the second throne on Elkronas Island in a burial ground. From there, Gandohar heads to overthrow Castle Vahkmaar.[11]

Emperor Gandohar[edit | edit source]

Emperor Gandohar rules with an iron fist. During his reign, he commits several nefarious deeds such as officially disbanding the Mages Guild, forcing his subjects to work in verita mines, and wiping out nearly the entire Orcish race. He has been using Kira as his power source while draining the Hero of his life force to sustain her.

Downfall[edit | edit source]

The Hero assaults the Imperial Palace. When leaving the dungeons he encounters a group of soldiers who inform him that the Emperor is waiting and after a brief chat they take him. Gandohar is no longer hostile and is in a weakened state. When freed from Aziraal's influence he helped Kira and summoned Dar Pha to his castle to imprison Aziraal once again. The Prophet Cassara shows up and proclaims that she serves Aziraal and is in fact, a dragon. Gandohar opens a teleport and orders the hero, his sister and Dar Pha to run while he will deal with the dragon. Unfortunately for the Emperor, he was overpowered by and presumably killed by Cassara in his weakened state. It's never shown, so it's inconclusive, but Cassara drops his crown at the feet of the heroes to instill a sense of hopelessness. Dar Pha says that Antaloor cannot be allowed to descend into chaos and that an Emperor must be on the throne, so Kira accepts the responsibility and poses as Emperor Gandohar.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most of the other characters from between the Two Worlds games his appearance does not change all that much.
  • He was once a student of the Veneficus University in New Ashos.
  • He appears to be the original inhabitant of the Tower of Fangs. His journal can be found inside on the top floor.
  • In Two Worlds II, he wears a mask that covers his face.
  • He caused the destruction of the first University and the creation of The Swallows.
  • His armor can be used in-game, but is impossible to spawn without using an external program.

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English UK
Flag of the United States.png
Japanese Flag of Japan.png ガンドハル
German Flag of Germany.png Gandohar
Italian Flag of Italy.png Gandohar
Russian Flag of Russia.png Гандохар
Polish Flag of Poland.png Gandohar

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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