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Two Worlds: The Temptation
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Developer(s) Reality Pump
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Website 2-worlds.com/temptation

Two Worlds: The Temptation was a planned spin off that ballooned into a sequel[1] for Two Worlds set to introduce new game content, extended gameplay and provide answers to "many" questions and mysteries which arose in the Two Worlds main story! The game was set to be released in the first half (fall)[2] of 2008.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

The Developers were said to be focusing on a blend of "proven and new". Aside from several well-known regions in Antaloor, there would be additional territories to explore. Combat was set to be enhanced with features such as active blocking. An unnamed new form of transport and "enhanced" NPC reactions.[3] The game was set to feature a new engine with "visuals that have to be seen to be believed", "more intricate missions," better voice-overs and animation, improved horseback riding, and "completely revamped combat." Chief developer Miroslaw Dymek said: "We've taken to heart all the comments made by gamers about Two Worlds and we're going to give them what they want with the sequel."[2] The game was eventually put on hold due to "technical outdating while a new Engine was made, it was used to create Two Worlds II[1]

Planned Features[edit | edit source]

Workshop[edit | edit source]

The player was intended to be able to run their own workshop where they could hire, fire, and pay their employees. The reward for successfully running the workshop would allow the player to use or sell a new product every day, depending on the skills of the employees hired. A workshop manager would be hired to handle the finances and employees' output would be dependent on the number of payments received.[4]

Pre-Alpha Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pre-Apha Gameplay Differences[edit | edit source]

In the video originally provided by IGN.com, the game shows some improvements over Two Worlds; Some of them being:

  • Graphics:
  1. Better frame-rate.
  • Environments:
  1. More detailed environments.
  2. New tropical environments.
  • HUD:
  1. Updated in-game radar/mini-map.
  2. New UI.
  • Movement:
  1. Ability to walk.
  2. Realistic jumps.

Higher detail on magical items (Teleport).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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