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Two Worlds - Curse of Souls
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Developer(s) Reality Pump
Release date(s)
WW May 8, 2009

Two Worlds - Curse of Souls is the second of two expansion packs for the online game mode in Two Worlds. Originally released May 8, 2009.[1]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Adding 4 new multiplayer maps and around 40 new quests. "One of the new RPG missions involves the player forcing his way into a town besieged by the Orcs - then either catching a traitor red-handed, or searching for a powerful Mage who has hidden himself away near Qudinar and is cooperating with a mysterious secret organization." The PvP mode would have competing teams collect magical spheres and get rid of their opponents at the same time. Whoever had the most points would win the game. The file size would vary, depending on the version the player was updating from. 100 MB (from Version 1.6) and 1.2 GB (from Version 1.0).[1]

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Two Worlds - Curse of Souls

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