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This was taken from the text file _patch16_ found in TwoWorldsSDK.

Patch 1.6 Notes [2007-10-30]

Patch 1.6 contains new changed scripts and parameters so if you have made some changes in it you should
synchronize your scripts and parameters with changed files. 
If your mod contains any files updated by Update16.wd then you should release newer version of your mod,
otherwise your files will be overwritten by newer files from Update16.wd.
If you did changes only in graphics (all retexturing mods), your mod will still work in patch 1.6.

In patch 1.6 more then half of all EarthC script files were changed less or more. Probably you didn't 
made any major changes in scripts so best way to keep modded scripts synchronized with 1.6 is to
copy your changes to new files and recompile it.

If you did only small changes in parameters, you can copy your changes to new version of TwoWorlds.xls.
If you have more changes, than you can rather copy changed cells from new TwoWorlds.xls to your parameters file.

Here is the list of changed cells in new TwoWorlds.xls (all are marked by dark background):

Defines: new row 501
SoundPack: F61-G61
SoundPacksSet: new rows 130-133
BasicUnits: V34-V47
Units: AC65-AC67, T98
Heros: in rows 68 73 81 86 96 101 110 115 some columns between CI-EC has been changed but weren't marked
ShopUnits: AD10
BasicUnitAnimations: S15
UnitAnimations: CG7-CJ36
Missiles: AN51, AG52, AG54, AG55
MagicCard: AC79
Dynamics: new rows 141-142, 295-298, H188
PotionArtefacts: AQ91, AV91
Passives: new rows 498-504
Containers: rows under column AI
Markers: new rows 163-167
CommonGameParams: AR5-AU5, AZ5-BA5, L50, L51

Few fixes in campaign quests has been make by WhizzEdit. If you didn't progress too much with your quests work,
you can do it again in TwoWorldsQuests.idx (Sorry there is no other way to synchronize it)

Scripts for network were changed and now you don't need to modify Network\Levels.ech to add new network level.
Your lnd name should start with Net_. For every lnd file you must create *.txt file describing type
of your level. Take a look at Levels\*.txt files from Update16.wd to find out how to do that.

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