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Two Worlds - Tainted Blood
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Developer(s) Reality Pump

Two Worlds - Tainted Blood is the first of two expansion packs for the online game mode in Two Worlds. Originally released as part of the Epic Edition of Two Worlds, released on April 19, 2008.[1] It was made available as a free download on the website starting on May 1, 2008.[2]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Players can now go on the hunt for a crazy Necromancer, unsolve the mystery of a massacre in a woodcutters' camp, deal with a rebel knight (permanently) and lots more. The new add-on doesn't only give you a new series of Quests - it also opens up the doors to an all-new Business and Training Center! The town of Tharnburg offers you a large traders' district - and various arenas in which you can try out your newly-learned combat techniques right away.[2]

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