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Race Human
Gender Male
Region Thalmont
Hostile No
Merchant No
Skill Teacher No
Soul Patcher No
Quest Giver Yes
Map Coordinates E2

This page is about Gandohar as a questgiver in Two Worlds. For Gandohar as a character, see Lore:Gandohar.

Gandohar, a powerful dark wizard, is first met at the beginning of the game and seeks to gain favor with the Hero. He appears to be acting on behalf of a mysterious, underground society who have kidnapped Kira, the hero's twin sister. Gandohar managed to keep up this charade for some time until it was revealed that he, himself, was actually the ringleader of the underground society and was actually responsible for the kidnapping of Kira.

Reist Tungard, who is actually a horrific, demonic entity, as his henchman and serves as a guard to the Star of Oswaroh. He was originally thought to be the leader of the underground society until Gandohar later betrayed the Hero and revealed his intentions to him.

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Gandohar starts our standing outside of Komorin, where he will tell the Hero that his 'masters' wish to meet him in the Goats Cave to the south. Despite these directions, the Goat's Cave is actually located to the East.

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  • Unlike most of the other characters from between the Two Worlds games his appearance does not change all that much.

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