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These Patches and Updates were applied to the game post-release. This is part of a series of pages on Two Worlds Version Differences. The Russian edition of Two Worlds was released pre-updated to version 1.2.[1]

Windows[edit | edit source]

Version 1.1[edit | edit source]

Version 1.2[edit | edit source]

Version 1.2 was released on May 10, 2007.[2]

As we were promised, the v1.2 patch for the game Two Worlds came out on time. The patch is installed only for version v1.1. Here are the main fixes that the patch makes:

  • Fixed issues with ATI Radeon 9x00 series graphics cards.
  • 21 minor fixes
  • Fixed 23 side quests

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • Added 1 multiplayer training mode
  • Added 41 new items
  • Added 11 quests
  • Introduced money exchange system
  • Restart of the game server with complete cleaning of game accounts !!!

Version 1.3.[edit | edit source]

Version 1.3 released on May 18, 2007.[3][4]

SP and general Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Alchemy - exploit removed
  • Shops - process exploit - fixed
  • Objects stacking - parameters changed.
  • Deadly pirouette skill - fixed
  • Knockdown skill - fixed
  • Stability skill - fixed.
  • Stealing skill> 100 - fixed
  • Dead hands spell - level fixed.
  • Kit Rae weapon names - fixed
  • Shooting from water - enemies don't reacting - fixed.
  • NPC reaction for stealing - fixed
  • Weather behavior (rain from blue sky) - fixed.
  • Sliding / walking on the walls - fixed.
  • Death from jumping from high altitudes - fixed.
  • NPCs walking through palisades - fixed
  • Logical problems in quests - fixed.
  • Incorrect bonuses on different equipment pe: "Double Blade skill" bonus on a shield - Fixed.
  • Stealing inside closed houses - fixed
  • Horseriding map in the second town -fixed
  • Killing citizens with horse - fixed
  • Huge arrows on monsters - fixed
  • Minus values ​​for attack and defense for high Dexterity values ​​- fixed
  • Weapon stats not refreshed after stacking on character - fixed
  • Crash when attacking sister - fixed
  • Sneaking with shield -shield position -fixed
  • Alchemy bug - the creation of empty potions - fixed
  • Faster looting animation
  • Cooking one object - blocked.
  • Recooking cooked potions - blocked.

MP Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Multiplayer lag problem - fixed
  • All skills available in multiplayer from start - fixed
  • All skills unlocked in multiplayer -fixed
  • Friendly fire in Arena modes - fixed


  • Tooltips for damage and protection types added.
  • Tolltip for gold icon added.
  • Gandohar / Reist / Kira - invulnerability added
  • Stealing skill - list of stolen objects - added
  • Faster running speed on roads - added
  • Water splash - added
  • Mouse buttons configuration - added
  • Second key mapping for each activity - added
    • C - F1
    • I - F2
    • M - F3
    • L - F4
    • G - F5

Version 1.4[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.3 to 1.4 released June 7, 2007.[5][6] For items marked with RS, the game must be restarted: Main menu -> Start a new game. Using saved games will override the patch for these items and may lead to unpredictable results.[7][8]

Balance[edit | edit source]

  • RS: Monsters strength and HP rebalanced.
  • RS: Bandits strength rebalanced
  • RS: Bows strength rebalanced.
  • RS: Melee combat weapons rebalanced.
  • RS: Traps rebalanced.
  • RS: Magic rebalanced.
  • RS: Skills rebalanced.
  • RS: Skill requirements rebalanced.
  • RS: Equipment requirements rebalanced.
  • RS: Weight rebalanced.
  • RS: Objects stacking rebalanced.
  • RS: Fighting from horse - not so powerful.
  • RS: Immunity added to some enemies (e.g. skeletons are immune for piercing and slashing, fire dragons are immune to Fire).

New features[edit | edit source]

  • Faster graphic rendering on nVidia Graphic Cards.
  • Moving/selling multiple objects - with Left Ctrl pressed.
  • Vit., Str., Dex., Willp. - timed potion effect displayed in inventory.
  • Inventory space increased.
  • New graphic settings added DOF, Horizon, water reflections, hit info, player info.
  • Bow auto-aiming option added.
  • Magic aiming cursor visible even if attacking spell is not highlighted.
  • RS: Killing NPCs inside houses - invisible for other NPCs.
  • RS: 4 new armour sets added.
  • RS: ore Animals in villages (hens, ducks, gooses).
  • RS: Magic shop near first teleport in Komorin.
  • RS: Brotherhood shop at Vesit Delurna Coral.

Corrected mistakes[edit | edit source]

  • RS: Soulpatcher gives more points than you actually have - fixed.
  • RS: Quest with Nellor - fixed. \\ There was a bug with the unfinished quest of the master-making arrows in Cathalon.
  • RS: Fariel is dying killed by spider.
  • RS: Death strike skill fixed.
  • RS: Guards harassing player after paying one of them with 30% - fixed
  • RS: Torches stacking. \\ Like weapons or armor. Previously, it also worked, but the torch level did not increase.
  • Many clipping bugs on various maps - fixed.
  • Disarming arrow - crash - fixed.
  • Not working heavy maces -fixed.
  • Bombs explosions - fixed.
  • Horse behaviour - improved.
  • Screens zooms while upgrading a skill.
  • Game crash when buying spell card magic hammer and trying to add it directly to my active spell.
  • If you set the spell bar focus to a defensive spell you can't use a hotkey of any offensive spell that needs a target because the char doesn't aim (and all the spells will hit the floor). It would be good if the cross-hair is always visible.

Version 1.5[edit | edit source]

Change log 1.5.

  • Unique names for all weapons and equipment parts
  • New graphics for all faces
  • Fast looting of animals
  • Magic manual aiming option added.
  • Summoned creatures follow the hero
  • Summoned creatures can't be looted
  • Neutral animals do not respawn
  • Quality of objects inside chest depends on lock level.
  • Magical weapons and armor added to Congregation shops.
  • Weapon enchanters added to Congregation shops.
  • Fixed bug with equipment objects - the same-looking object with different values.
  • When finishing the final quest for one guild / Party reputation for the opposing party goes to 0. Skelden / Karga Clan Giriza / Association
  • Fixed bug in last Association quest and last Giriza quest. Now those quests can be finished.

Version 1.6[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.6 contains new changed scripts and parameters.[9] For the original version, see: Patch 1.6 Notes. In an interview with CRPG.RU, Miroslaw Dymek claimed that Tainted Blood (DLC) came with patch 1.6, the one that "enhanced the balancing".[10][11] While patch notes from 1.6 to 1.7 are the first mention of Tainted Blood. The Tainted Blood patch notes do mention that players who purchased the Game-of-the-Year edition in April 2008 received the Tainted Blood add on before everybody else received it for free in May.[12]

Scripts[edit | edit source]

In patch 1.6 more than half of all EarthC scripts and files were changed more or less.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Defines: new row 501
  • SoundPack: F61-G61
  • SoundPacksSet: new rows 130-133
  • BasicUnits: V34-V47
  • Units: AC65-AC67, T98
  • Heros: in rows 68 73 81 86 96 101 110 115 some columns between CI-EC has been changed but weren't marked
  • ShopUnits: AD10
  • BasicUnitAnimations: S15
  • UnitAnimations: CG7-CJ36
  • Missiles: AN51, AG52, AG54, AG55
  • MagicCard: AC79
  • Dynamics: new rows 141-142, 295-298, H188
  • PotionArtefacts: AQ91, AV91
  • Passives: new rows 498-504
  • Containers: rows under column AI
  • Markers: new rows 163-167
  • CommonGameParams: AR5-AU5, AZ5-BA5, L50, L51

1.6 Network[edit | edit source]

Scripts for network were changed

PC & Xbox 360[edit | edit source]

  • Horse steering has been improved
  • Character development curve not as steep over level 25
  • HP regeneration slower for max values above 2000
  • Death strike skill - executable by strike button while in sneak mode
  • Critical hit skill fixed
  • Damage is now allowed over 32,000
  • There is a cap on damage and armor at 99,999
  • Necromancer spells have been balanced
  • Magical boosters - effect restricted to 5 boosters
  • Stacking potions with different statistics - fixed
  • Objects stacking - objects can't be stacked up if the result has higher level requirements than the current player level
  • Equipment Class cap on 50
  • When killing in towns - after you leave the town and go back guards will ask you to pay instead of immediately attacking you
  • NPC's in towns don't resurrect
  • Tweaked high-level monster balance
  • Wing Membrane ingredient added to Helllord
  • Dragons strike not breakable by player hit
  • Bomb traps attached to some chests and wardrobes
  • Balanced number of lock picks in chests and wardrobes
  • Walking underwater and not dying has been fixed
  • Inaccessible Cave north of Ashos has been fixed
  • Multiplayer Lag issues have been improved
  • Multiplayer too many skill points generated due to combat stats have been fixed
  • Friendly fire disabled in RPG mode (players cannot damage each other)
  • Resurrect spell on players has been disabled
  • Experience points for killing players has been removed
  • Disarming skill disabled against other players
  • Freezing/stopping spells disabled against other players
  • Multiplayer RPG quests given to all, reward split between players
  • Team assault - main monuments 50 times stronger
  • Barbarian - berserk skill in PvP reduced to 5
  • Chest and wardrobe lock levels improved in multiplayer

PC specific[edit | edit source]

  • The issue of moving money between servers has been fixed
  • Maps D2, E4, F4, Multiplayer Tharbakin - missing triangles or flying objects have been fixed
  • Enter opens console in single player
  • Horse steering - stopping horse by back key changed
  • Cloning characters when logging on new WarNet server is fixed
  • Boosters disappearing in Arena modes
  • Atmospheric fog for multiplayer towns added
  • Chat over open dialogs possible (by F11 chat dialog)
  • All PVP arenas unlocked from the beginning

Xbox 360 specific[edit | edit source]

  • Improved single-player framerate
  • Interface - repeat changes selection left stick hold added
  • Game HDD cache cleaning possibility - RB + A + B during game launch
  • Achievements for 5 elements is fixed
  • Map interface improvements - only one open quest at the time, quests selection box better visibility, hero location on map better visibility, quest name on tooltip
  • Hit info fonts larger
  • “BACK – Show Instruction” text disappears
  • Double saving multiplayer characters to protect characters lost from power-off or hard-locks
  • Interface - no controls after "server refused connection" is fixed
  • Doubling gold in multiplayer is fixed
  • Doubling objects in multiplayer is fixed

Version 1.7[edit | edit source]

Adds the online DLC Tainted Blood.[12]

  • Adds 4 co-op maps.
  • 45 new quests.
  • Harder enemies.
  • A new town (Tharnburg) featuring a Merchant and Gladiator’s district.
  • With advanced trainers to learn new skills and try them against opponents.

Version 1.7b[edit | edit source]

Version 1.7b came with Curse of Souls. It includes; Four action-packed multiplayer maps that enable you to travel to completely new locations in Antaloor. Play with your friends - and face challenges surpassing anything you have ever encountered.[13]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • RPG mode
  • Cooperative mode
  • Up to 8 players simultaneously
  • 38 quests
List of maps[edit | edit source]
There is a traitor in the besieged town of Ranburg! Players must cut through the orcish forces to get to the town and stop the evildoer.
A small town of Frall has been struck with a mysterious disease. The medicine was sent from the near outpost but it was captured by a group of bandits. Players will retrieve the medicine and deliver it to the mayor of the town.
City of Hurm won’t get any reinforcements to help them fight against the hordes of the Taint flooding the streets. Players will carry the bad news to the mayor of the city, but on their way, they will be able to help the defenders themselves and save them from inevitable doom.
The story takes place in the neighborhood of Kabba village, south of Qudinar. Players are on the hunt for a runaway mage who messed with crime organization – Giriza. They can also help the villagers fighting scapulari, groms, ogres and other enemies.
Extra[edit | edit source]

New PvP mode with 4 maps including Forest, Desert, Swamp and Arctic. The simple rules of this mode will lead to hours of fun. The team which collects the most magical orbs wins. The bonus system also cuts you lots of slack while you're learning!

Xbox 360[edit | edit source]

The first Xbox 360 patch was said to be in the works on August 27, 2007 and would take at least 2 weeks to go through the review process.[14] Based on patch notes, the Xbox 360 version appears to be version 1.4 or 1.5 and updates to 1.6, possibly 1.7.

Other[edit | edit source]

Increase Startup Performance[edit | edit source]

By moving the file Shaders_add.wd to the folder WDFiles in your Two Worlds Installation you can get improved startup performance. This is included in patch 1.5 onward.[15]

References[edit | edit source]