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Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • When the Orcs marched north, the dwarves hid or left behind many treasures. Presumably during year 40 or before, depending on how long the war went on for.
  • The dwarves tolerated human settlements before the treaty of Covengor, but only the destitute sought refuge in Thalmont at that time. Presumably before the Karga Clan renovations of Tharbakin or due to it.

  • Clan Karga arrives in Thalmont, with the support of King Satrius. Tharbakin, was a Dwarven fortress. Clan Karga repaired a large section of the ancient Dwarven citadel, turning it into the City of Tharbakin.
  • Gandohar, in his second year of study at the Veneficus University, attempts reckless experiments with a mysterious element called Verita. One of his experiments went terribly wrong. The fragile balance between the elements was destroyed - and in the green and fertile land now known as the Swallows, the Verita wreaked havoc. It took the combined efforts of the Veneficus Master Mages to stop the Verita contagion from spreading.[1][n 1]
  • Gandohar first begins to make a name for himself at this point.[2]
  • An unknown prophet begins uniting the Orc tribes.[3]
  • When the orcs began marching north, the Dwarves retreated back to their city of Yamalin, locking the Yarrut Gate behind them.
  • When the dwarves cut contact with Thalmont, Thalmont brought in hardly any revenue and somebody on the Royal Council decided that the Karga Clan should relinquish their power. Skeldon House takes over in their place. The Karga Clan retreats into hiding, waging war on Skeldon House, in an effort to reclaim their previously held power.
  • The game Hide the Box, which involves magic boxes was invented by two brothers.[4][n 2]
  • King Emry declares that any new villages settled on the edge of the kingdom won't have to pay taxes for 5 years. Brumhill is founded.
  • Strange murders in the woodcutters village Komorin and Covengor. At least 5 villagers lost relatives between both villages.
  • Two Worlds takes place.
    • Several months before the events of Two Worlds, the Hero's sister Kira is kidnapped by Gandohar
    • Two Worlds is set during the fall of the year 345. The exact month isn't given, but due to the color of the leaves on various treas, it can be deduced that it's early in the season.[5][6]
    • The Karga Clan seek an artifact, a statue of the Dwarves revered God Throglin, to help seal the deal of their tentative alliance with the Dwarves.[7]
    • Gandohar convinces The Hero to join him. He later betrays the Hero, locking him in the dungeons of Oswaroth.[8] While he states at the end of Two Worlds that it's for a better life for him and his sister, he writes in his prison diary that he did it because he thought Gandohar would allow him and Kyra to rule over Antaloor with him together.[9][10]
  • The Battle of Oswaroth begins.
    • When the world went up in flames and Antaloor was going through a very bad time, all eyes were on the stronghold of Oswaroth, where the booming drums and strident horns of the proud race of Orcs were heard for the last time during the battle in which they desperately faced their downfall. Since that terrible and bloody siege took place, no one has seen anything of the wild hordes - it was if they have vanished from history in the blink of an eye. During that long and fateful night, it was Gandohar who defeated the Orcs - Gandohar, the new Lord of Oswaroth… the new Emperor![8][11]
    • Two Worlds II: Castle Defense takes place during The Battle of Oswaroh.[12] Orcs are brought to the brink of extinction by Gandohar.[8]
    • The legendary General Rogdor attempts to assault Gandohar's throne room in Oswaroh directly.[12]
    • Gandohar's top general Sordahon destroys the main Orc camp. The Orc army is defeated.[13]
    • Sordahon finds the first of two Ancient Artifacts known as Maliel's Thrones in the Catacombs of a ruin in the Drak'ar Desert.
    • One of Gandohar's search parties finds Maliel's Throne on the island of Eikronas.
  • With both of Maliel's thrones in his possession, Gandohar prepares to conquer Castle Vahkmarr.
  • Gandohar uses Maliel's Thrones to transfer the life force from the Hero to Kira to sustain her body and keep Aziraal imprisoned.[8][14]
  • Gandohar uses the power he obtained from imprisoning Aziraal in Kira's body to seize the throne and decimate all who oppose him.[2]
  • Underworld Takeover takes place.
  • Two Worlds II intro takes place.[15][16]
  • Two Worlds II Adventure Mode quests 1 - 7 take place.
    • Gandohar tasks a group of 8 mercenaries with tracking down the long-thought-lost magical casket used to seal Aziraal by the gods some 300+ years before. Without The Hero to sustain Kyra, Gandohar instead opts to re-imprison Aziraal.
  • Two Worlds II story takes place.
    • Cassara and Gandohar are killed. Aziraal is re-imprisoned in his magical casket and Kira takes the mantle of Emperor.
  • A Clean Escape takes place.[17]
  • As You Wish takes place.[17]
  • Curtain Call takes place.[17]
  • Sharad takes place.[17]
Unknown Year(s)
Exact years unknown.
  • In Curtain Call, the actor CharlesCharles tells a couple of women accompanying him that they should find someplace nicer; his rival Francis thinks to himself "Yes, how about the 'swallows'...'. This, alongside the mention of the currency Auras which is the currency used in Two Worlds II places the book somewhere after the year 320 but more specifically, 345 - 350+.[19]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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